Tonight’s Girlfriend Review

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Before we even begin this Tonight’s Girlfriend review I have to be honest. This actually happens to be one of my favorite premium adult porn sites. In fact it would be fair for me to say I very often consider it to be the best premium adult porn site. As you will correctly imagine the conclusion of this Tonight’s Girlfriend review is that it is truly awesome. It is well worth the money for the monthly subscription.

You can check out the Tonight’s Girlfriend website by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you would like to know why this porn website is so awesome, you can continue reading.

Tonight’s Girlfriend Review – Quick Look

Tonight’s Girlfriend is a premium adult porn site that has been created by the good folk at Naughty America. This porn website focuses on one specific theme. That theme is smoking hot, drop dead gorgeous, very classy and very sexy girls who turn up at a hotel room ready to fuck a guy.

Each and every scene beings with the words – I don’t pay them for sex I pay them to leave. This creates the assumption this site is based on the genre of hot, classy escorts servicing guys in their hotel rooms.

If you love classy and very sexy girls, most of the time dressed in stockings, you are going to love Tonight’s Girlfriend. It features the hottest porn stars in the adult industry and has even ventured in to the virtual reality porn market. Something I think is fantastic for one simple reason. It allows you to indulge a sexual fantasy of having the hottest porn stars in the world turn up at your hotel room.

This stunning premium adult porn website has been in existence since back in 2011.

Hottest Girls in Porn

Tonight's Girlfriend Review - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

The first thing I noticed when I began this Tonight’s Girlfriend review was the girls. Make no, these girls are seriously hot. Not only are the girls you find here smoking hot they look so classy. There is also the fact that as you look closer you realise pretty much each and every scene you find here features the hottest adult porn stars in the industry.

We are talking the likes of Abella Danger, Adriana Chechik, Alina Lopez, Angela White, Brandi Love, India Summer and many, many more. If she is a big name in the world of porn you will find her here. You will find her here in what can be best described as her classy performance ever.

What I really loved about the porn stars this porn site features is there is a star for everyone. If you prefer younger woman you will find a porn star you like featured here. On the other hand if you prefer a super sexy MILF, again, you will find a porn star to your liking here.

4K Ultra-HD and Virtual Reality Porn

I am sure we can all agree on one thing. There is nothing worse than terrible picture quality when it comes to porn movies. Especially in todays world of modern technology. There is simply no excuse for anything produced today to be filmed in less than 4K Ultra-HD. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on porn you want it filmed in 4K Ultra-HD.

The good news is Tonight’s Girlfriend produces all their content in 4K Ultra-HD. You can rest assured when you watch a scene on this porn site you will be able to focus on every last detail. The video quality really is that good.

As I mentioned at the start of this Tonight’s Girlfriend review I have loved this site since its creation. When it was announced they were going to start producing regular virtual reality porn scenes I was overjoyed. No longer did I have to watch some other lucky dude fuck the hottest porn stars on the planet. Since they started producing virtual reality porn content it is me who gets to fuck the hottest pornstars on the planet. All of them dressed in sexy lingerie and, in most cases, stockings and high heels.

Easy to Navigate

I do not know about you but when I visit a premium porn website I do not want to feel lost. When I get there I have a pretty good idea what I am looking for at that moment. Maybe it is a younger porn girl and on other occasions it could be a smoking hot MILF. I could be there wanting to jerk off to a specific porn star even.

What I love about Tonight’s Girlfriend is that it is so easy to navigate. These days far too many premium porn websites overwhelm you with so many options. This is not the case with Their theme is simple. Super hot girls turn up at a guys hotel room. He pays them to leave not for the sex. It is that simple.

The home page shows all the scenes available. Starting with the most recent you can scroll down the page all the way to the very first scene they produced. What could be more simple?

There is also the option of listing all the pornstars featured on the site sorted in a variety of ways. This could be alphabetical or most popular.

There is also the option of viewing just the virtual reality porn scenes. Finally you can use the search option if you are looking for something specific. For example if you only want scenes where the girls wear stockings you can simply search for this.

Classy Porn at a Great Price

Tonight's Girlfriend Review - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

One thing the internet has way to much of is dirt cheap porn sites. While this is all well and good it is fair to say that the majority of these cheap sites feature dirt cheap content. It really is a case where any talentless idiot with a camera, a computer and a few girls willing to do anything for a couple of bucks can create an adult porn membership site.

The bottom line is that if you enjoy your porn to be classy you have to pay top dollar. Well, that was the case until Tonight’s Girlfriend sprung into existence.

If you look around if you are looking for high quality porn, at the time of writing, you should expect to pay around 30 bucks a month. While the monthly subscription price for a membership of Tonight’s Girlfriend varies it is usually way less than that. They often have special offers on. It is also worth pointing out that taking a years subscription will work out considerably less than paying monthly.

My point here is that Tonight’s Girlfriend is bringing classy porn to the masses at an extremely good price.

Advertising is a Pain

Anyone who has followed my for any length of time will know I hate advertising. Well, it is not that I hate advertising in general. It is that I hate advertising on a premium porn site that I pay for. They have my money so why can they not just be satisfied with that. No, they always have to make an attempt to sell you something extra. My hate for advertising is not just limited to porn sites. I hate paying for a premium TV service only for them to still include commercial breaks.

In the case of Tonight’s Girlfriend you can expect exactly this. You sign up. Hand over your money. Login. The first thing you get hit in the face with is an advertisement. In this case the site is trying to get you to sign up for the full Naughty America adult porn network.

Out of fairness Naughty America is a premium porn site that everyone should have a membership too. After all a membership with Naughty America gives you access to one of the biggest collections of high quality porn anywhere in the world. I still find it annoying and the one thing I did not like during this Tonight’s Girlfriend review.

Watch and Download for One Price

Tonight's Girlfriend Review - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

Over the years I have noticed, as I am sure you have, that premium porn sites never miss a chance to get more money from you. In most cases you pay a basic subscription to stream and watch the porn movies they have on their website. If you want to download any porn from their site you quickly learn that this is a special feature. You are either limited to one or two downloads a day or have to pay extra each month.

The good news here is that Tonight’s Girlfriend allow you to stream, watch and download for one simple low price. They really are leading the way when it comes to high quality, excellent value for money porn.

I really would challenge anyone to find more than five premium porn sites that offer such value.


What a truly wonderful, high quality premium porn website this is. It features the hottest girls in their classiest porn scenes ever. It is like watching the best ever girlfriend experience or pornstar experiences imaginable.

If you love hot girls with great legs and beautiful feet. Girls who love wearing nylon stockings and high heels, well, this is the perfect choice of premium porn site.

The fact they now produce virtual reality scenes where you get to be that lucky guys is simply incredible. It really will be a struggle to find a better site anywhere.

You will never look at porn the same way again until you try these girlfriend and porn star escort experiences in virtual reality.

You can check out the Tonight’s Girlfriend website by clicking here.


  • Hottest and Most Popular Pornstar
  • Classy Scenes
  • Huge Library of Porn Content
  • Regular Updates
  • Virtual Reality Scenes
  • 4K Ultra-HD Video
  • Perfect For Stockings Lovers

You can check out the Tonight’s Girlfriend website by clicking here.

Tonight's Girlfriend Review - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

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