Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

If you are here because you want to buy a high end sex doll, a highly realistic sex doll, it is understandable that you are here looking at this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review. After all this is a high end sex doll creation from the legendary Real Doll studio. Who would not want to own a Real Doll sex doll? They are, after all, considered by everyone, to be the very best sex dolls in the world. not to mention the most realistic.

If you are here wanting to know from this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review if a Real Doll is worth the money. Well, the simply answer to that question is that yes they are. They are the best sex dolls, the best quality and the most realistic. As an added bonus they are designed and manufactured in the good old United States of America. These high end sex dolls really are the very best in the world.

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On the other hand, if you want to know why these high end love dolls are so awesome, you are free to continue with this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review.

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review – Quick Look

This Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review takes a detailed look at this highly realistic brunette sex doll. You really will have to go a long way to find a more beautiful, a more realistic, a more high end sex doll. As you can see from just a quick look at any of her photos – this sex doll is so realistic it is easy to see why so many people quite literally mistake her for a real woman.

Her breasts and buttocks are filled and created using a special silicone gel. This gel makes them look and feel just like the real thing.

Highly Realistic, Beautiful and Very Sexy

The one and only way to truly describe this high end sex doll is beautiful. In fact it is actually fair to say this brunette sex doll in stunning. She is incredibly sexy and insanely realistic. You can literally see how she is so often mistaken for a real woman.

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

Her light tan skin looks and feels just like the real thing while her beautiful brown eyes are both hypnotic and seductive. It would be so easy to fall in love with her just by looking into those eyes.

Height and Weight

If you love petite girls you will love this high end Real Doll. That is because she stands a 5 feet 1 inch tall. Well, they do say the best things come in small packages.

This beautiful sex doll weighs no more than 80lbs which is feels insanely realistic when she is in use. Whether you are making love to her or simply enjoying a cuddle you will swear she feels just like she is a real woman.

The great thing about this weight for a sex doll is that she is still light enough to move around with relative ease. You will quickly grow grateful of this when you are moving her around and putting her in different poses and positions.

Body Measurements

This beautiful brunette sex doll has an extremely sexy body. You will literally find it a struggle keep both your eyes and your hands off her. She is well toned and extremely feminine.

Her bust measures 37 inches combined with a 24 inch waist and 37 inch hips. Talk about a foxy brunette girl with curves in all the right places.

She has the most divine and large F-Cup breasts with a 32 inch under bust. Her large breasts look and feel just like the real thing. In fact I would challenge anyone to feel her breasts and be able to tell the difference between them and the real thing. They really are that incredibly realistic.

If you are buying clothes for this brunette sex doll you should be looking for clothing sized between small and large. It is worth pointing out that, because of her large F-Cup breasts, you may need to buy a slightly larger top. This all depends whether or not you like girls who wear tight fitting tops over their large breasts.

The Best Foot Fetish Sex Doll

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

The most common sexual fetish out there most certainly seems to be a foot fetish. This is usually accompanied by a strong desire and love of sexy legs.

If you have a foot fetish and love women with sexy legs this sex doll is easily one of the best foot fetish sex dolls available. Her legs and feet look so realistic it will feel like all your dreams have come true.

This doll has sexy legs that looks incredible bare or dressed in nylon stockings and pantyhose. She looks truly incredible when posing with those sexy legs crossed.

The very same can be said about her beautiful size 6 feet. They look incredible bare or dressed high heels. She will, quite literally cast her foot fetish spell on you. So much so you could very well find that she has you as her foot fetish slave.

Can Offer All Forms of Sex

The primary reasons guys buy a sex doll is quite obviously so they can have sex with it.

Real Doll sex dolls allow you the chance to enjoy all forms of sex with them. This includes vagina sex, anal sex and oral sex. Because this beautiful brunette sex doll is so incredibly realistic in every way it is also possible to enjoy a handjob from her and a footjob if you have a secret foot fetish.

What is it Like to Have Sex With Her

You really will not be the first or the last person to wonder what it is like to have sex with a Real Doll.

The simple answer is that being inside this brunette sex doll feels exactly like being inside a real woman. Providing you use plenty of lube you will genuinely not be able to tell the difference between this brunette sex doll and the real thing.

What makes Real Doll sex dolls so much better than other makes of sex dolls is they look real while you have sex with them. This doll has a vagina that looks just like the real thing as you make love to her. The exact same thing can be said about her mouth. Her lips look just like those of a real woman when they are wrapped around your penis.

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Position in Any Pose Imaginable

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

Real Doll sex dolls are manufactured over a skeleton. The skeletons that have been used in this brunette sex doll features movable joints. Wherever you find a movable joint on a real human skeleton you will find the same movable joint on a Real Doll skeleton.

Because this beautiful brunette sex doll has movable joints just like a human means she can achieve any lifelike pose imaginable. It also means she can be put into any sexual position you could every imagine. She will always be willing and always be ready to satisfy all your sexual desires. This stunning brunette sex doll will never turn you down and never claim she has a headache. It is hardly any surprise that many men who own sex dolls really do consider them to be better than a real woman.

Customize Every Part of Her

Real Doll really do make the very best sex dolls in the world. They also offer a service that is better than what you will find anywhere else. I say this because Real Doll offer a service where you can customize and alter each and every single things about their sex dolls. If there is any attribute of any doll that you would like to change you can easily do this at the point of purchase.

There is quite literally nothing that can not be changed. Her face, skin tone, eye color, height, body shape, breasts, even her fingernails, pubic hair and vagina shape can be altered.

You could even go as far as buying multiple hair pieces and multiple sex doll faces. This would allow you to quickly and easily alter the appearance of your sex doll. It is like buying one high end sex doll and getting several extras for free.

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Real Doll pretty much give you the option of designing and making your own sex doll from scratch. Your perfect custom sex doll!

Lifelike Silicon Skin

The main thing that makes this brunette sex doll look so realistic is her skin.

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

In most cases a modern sex doll will have skin made from one of two materials. Those materials are TPE and silicone. TPE is the cheaper of the two and the material of choice for cheap Chinese sex dolls. There is nothing at all wrong with using TPE sex doll skin. It keeps the overall cost of a sex doll down but there are several drawbacks. Firstly, TPE sex dolls can be realistic but are never as realistic as their silicone counterparts. TPE is also not as robust as silicone.

Real Doll have chosen to use the very highest grade silicone as skin for their sex dolls. It is the fact these dolls have silicone skin which make them so lifelike and so robust.

Highest Quality Materials

It is not simply the skin on this brunette sex doll that is of the very highest quality. Every last component and material used in the construction of a Real Doll is of the very best quality.

This is exceptionally noticeable when you look at and use the skeleton joints of these dolls. It is not uncommon to buy a cheap sex doll only to find the skeleton joints feel overly stiff when she is new. Then, after a few months, the joints begin to feel loose and unable to hold a position or pose.

This is not something you will ever have to worry about if you buy a high end Real Doll sex doll. Having spent several months on this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review the joints still feel as perfect as they did when the doll was delivered to me.

Handmade by Experts

When I first began this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review I was, as I am with all Real Dolls, blown away with the level of detail and skill which has clearly went into creating her. There is simply no way you could imagine something this beautiful could ever be mass produced on a production line in China.

Each and every Real Doll sex doll is handmade in the USA. The artists who work on each Real Doll sex doll are very much the best in the world. It is one thing to be blown away by the level of detail that goes into these love dolls when you see them in a photo. I assure you that when you see a Real Doll in the flesh you will not believe your eyes. They really are that insanely incredible in every way.

I would highly recommend checking out more photos of these realistic high end sex dolls yourself by clicking here.

Easy to Clean

Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

Possibly the worst thing about owning and using a sex toy of any description is cleaning it. In fact I would go as far to say that sex dolls really are the worst sex toys to clean. This is largely due to their size.

Out of all the sex dolls I have owned over the years Real Doll products are the easiest to clean. This is because they feature removable orifices which allows them to be washed in a sink. The fact they can be removed also makes them much easier to dry.

It is worth pointing out that Real Doll sex dolls allows you to remove the face and hair. Again, this makes the cleaning process a breeze.

Shipping and Delivery

What I love about Real Doll is how they take the privacy of their customers extremely seriously. One thing you will not have to worry about when you buy a Real Doll is a package with the words “SEX DOLL” scrawled across the side in full view of your neighbors.

Real Doll ship out all their high end sex dolls in an unlabelled wooden crate. There is never any indication as to what is inside the crate. Not even the man who delivers the crate to your door will have any idea to its contents. There is not even any visible paperwork that will give any indication towards what you are having delivered.

The first anyone will see the contents of you delivery will be yourself when you open it in the privacy of your home.

You can read more about the delivery options available from Real Doll by clicking here.


The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy the best brunette sex doll the conclusion to this Stephanie 1.0 sex doll review is that you have stumbled on the answer to all your prayers.

This is an insanely beautiful and very sexy brunette sex doll. She looks and feels just like a real woman. In fact she looks and feels so incredibly realistic you really will struggle to tell the difference between her and real thing.

This is not just a sex doll that you will never get tired of making love to. You will find this beautiful, realistic sex doll makes the most perfect companion. Never ever let yourself be lonely again. You will not find a better, more realistic brunette sex doll than a Real Doll.

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Stephanie 1.0 Sex Doll Review - RealDoll - Real Doll - Teen Sex Doll - MILF Sex Doll - High End Sex Doll - Realistic Sex Doll - Brunette Sex Doll

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