Silicon Wives Review

Silicon Wives Review - Review - Best Sex Doll Shop - Top Online Sex Doll Retailer

Since you are here reading this Silicon Wives review I will assume you are wanting to buy a sex doll. You will most likely be looking for a reliable sex doll retailer, an online retailer with a good reputation that sells high quality products at a fair price. Basically, you do not wanted to become the victim of an online scam.

If you are looking for a quick answer to any of these question I will say this. is very reliable sex doll retailer. I have used them to buy several of my sex dolls over the years and can only say good things about them. is a sex doll ship that I would highly recommend.

If that answers any of your concerns you can check out the website and their best deals by clicking here.

On the other hand, if you would like to know why I recommend them so highly, please continue to read this Silicon Wives review.

Silicon Wives Review – Quick Look is an online sex doll retailer that was founded back in 2015. It actually happens to be one of the first ever dedicated sex doll shops on the internet. In that time they have built a stellar reputation for themselves. They are now widely considered to be one of the very best sex doll shops on the internet. This is thanks mainly down to the high quality sex dolls they sell and their world class customer service.

Wide Range of Sex Dolls

The first thing you notice when you land on the homepage is the huge range of sex dolls they sell. In fact it is not just sex dolls that they sell. They also sell sex doll legs, torsos, breasts and male masturbators.

As you begin to explore the site you could be forgiven for feeling spoilt for choice. There really does appear to be a sex doll on sale for everyone and every sexual desire. Regardless of what you would consider to be the perfect woman you can be sure you will find your dream sex doll for sale on

It was really nice to see that supply sex dolls from pretty much all the major love doll manufacturers. They also appear to be adding new products to their stock on a regular basis.

Genuine High End Sex Dolls

Silicon Wives Review - Review - Best Sex Doll Shop - Top Online Sex Doll Retailer stocks and sells sex dolls from the worlds biggest and best sex doll manufacturers. At the time of writing this Silicon Wives review they currently supply sex dolls from manufacturers such as WM Doll, Strapery Doll, 6Ye Doll, Irontech Doll and many more.

It is most certainly worth me pointing out at this point that all the dolls sold here are 100% genuine. They are sourced direct from the official suppliers. You will find no cheap imitations or second rate products on sale here.

Dolls To Suit Every Budget

If you are wanting to buy a sex doll I will assume you already know that they can be extremely expensive. In fact it is not uncommon to see some highly realistic, high end sex dolls costing more than $10,000. For the majority of us spending that amount of money on a sex doll is simply not an option.

The good news is that have dolls for sale which will suit pretty much everyones budget. Yes, they sell sex dolls that cost several thousand dollars. But they also sell sex dolls that cost around $1,000. Regardless of your budget you will undoubtedly find a sex doll in your price range here

I would highly recommend you take a look at the website for yourself. This way you can see the superb sex dolls they have in stock that will suit your own personal budget.

You can check out the website and their huge range of sex dolls by clicking here.

Customize Your Sex Doll

While I am 110% confident that if you are looking to buy a sex doll you will find your perfect choice here I was delighted to see during this Silicon Wives review that they allow you to customize each and every doll they sell.

This is a fantastic option that not many reputable sex doll retailers offer.

Silicon Wives Review - Review - Best Sex Doll Shop - Top Online Sex Doll Retailer

Should you settle on buying your dream sex doll but find there are one or two things you would love to change allow you to alter this at the point of sale. Perhaps you would prefer your dream doll to have different color hair or different color eyes. Not a problem as you can easily choose to have any sex doll you choose customized to suit ever single last desire you may have. Finger nails, pubic hair, height, breast size, even her face can be customized with nothing more than a click of a button when ordering her.

Another amazing feature I love about is that they sell spare and extra sex doll parts. I would highly recommend you buy an extra hair piece and either an extra head or a face. By doing this you can completely change the appearance of any sex doll you buy. It is very much like buying one sex doll and getting two or three for the same price.

You can check out all the sex doll options and customizations offer by clicking here.

Free Shipping or Collection

If you have ever bought anything online I am sure you will be aware that sometimes a great deal suddenly becomes extremely expensive thanks to the cost of delivery. Thankfully this is not something you will have to worry about when you buy a sex doll from

This is because offer free shipping on all the sex dolls they sell. use either FedEx or UPS to deliver your new sex doll to your door. You also have the option of collecting your sex doll yourself if, for whatever reason, this is what you would prefer. Simply indicate whether you would like to have your doll delivered or if you would like to collect it in person before you check out. will send you an email or drop you a phone call the very second your new sex doll is ready to collect. In fact will keep you informed about the progress of your order from the very second you place your order all the way to the moment it is in the delivery truck and on its way to you.

Major Payment Cards Accepted

Silicon Wives Review - Review - Best Sex Doll Shop - Top Online Sex Doll Retailer

Whenever you are buying something online you want to know what payment methods they accept and that the website is secure. Once again this is not something you will have to worry about when buying a sex doll from

I would always advise using a credit card when buying anything online. This is a credit card gives you an extra layer of protection. obviously feel the same way as they accept pretty much all major credit cards. Accepted credit cards include the likes of MasterCard, Visa and Discovery.

Payment Plan Available

If paying for a sex doll outright is still a bit of a stretch for your budget have you covered.

They offer a payment plan through Klarna which is a well known financial service provider. This allows you to spread the cost of your sex doll over a pre-agreed term. I would certainly recommend considering a payment plan if it helps you buy the sex doll of your dreams. It means a sex doll that may seem out of reach is actually within your grasp.

Wonderful Customer Service

From the very start of this Silicon Wives review I focused very much on their customer service. After all when you are buying things online you want to know that you are a valued customer. You want to know that, should you have a problem or a question, there is someone available to help you. is a sex doll retailer that offers what can only be described as world class customer service.

At any point they during the buying process should you have any questions Silicon Wives are on hand to help you. Even if you are yet to buy your sex doll you can contact them and they will go out of their way to help you.

They are contactable by phone, email or using the live chat option that is available on their website.

Once you have placed your order you will be blown away by how they keep you informed at every step. You can expect to get a confirmation email about your order. They will then keep in touch once your doll starts production, when it ships, and when all the way alone the delivery route. This allows you to organise things from the moment you order to the moment your new sex doll is delivered.

Returns Policy

Silicon Wives Review - Review - Best Sex Doll Shop - Top Online Sex Doll Retailer

I have honestly lost count as to how many times I have been asked about return policies when it comes to buying a sex doll.

As you can imagine a return policy when buying a sex doll is a little more complicated than buying a big screen TV. You will undoubtedly be able to guess the reasons why.

Silicon Wives pride themselves on checking and thoroughly inspecting each and every doll before it is shipped. However, should you receive a doll that has been damaged in transit the first thing you should do is get in contact with Silicon Wives. Do not unpack the doll any further than you already have and do not use the doll in any way. Once this company receives notification that you have received a faulty or damaged doll they will either refund your money in full or offer a replacement.

It is worth pointing out at this point in this Silicon Wives review that they will not offer a refund for any other reason. They will also not offer a refund if your doll has been used in any way. If they doll has been used and proves to be defective they will simply offer you a replacement rather than a refund.

If you happen to order a sex doll then change your mind you have 24 hours in which to cancel your order.

Beautifully Designed Website

In my opinion a well designed, easy to navigate website can either make or break an online retailer. It can make a good online retailer great.

When I began this Silicon Wives review the very first thing I noticed was the beautifully designed website. It is not only a beautiful website it is so easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. There is the option to search for sex dolls by the color of their hair, the brand of sex doll, and various other attributes.

You will also find a page that explains the ordering process in detail alone with a frequently asked questions page. There are also pages where you will find information on using and caring for your sex doll.

What makes the website really stand out among other sites is that it is not just a beautiful, easy to navigate website on a desktop or laptop computer. It also happens to be equally beautiful and easy to navigate on a mobile device. In todays worth that really does show a lot of care in their brand and their image.


If you are in the market to buy the best sex doll you really could do so much worse than It happens to be one of the very best online sex doll shops you could ever dream about.

Their website is beautifully designed and so easy to navigate. They offer a huge range of sex dolls of all descriptions. You will most certainly struggle not to find the sex doll of your dreams here. With you have access to buy love dolls from all the biggest sex doll manufacturers.

Most importantly they have the very best customer service reputation and sell their products at a very competitive price. Even if you find the same doll at a better price will undoubtedly be more than happy to match or even beat that price. really is one of the very best online sex doll retailers around. I cannot recommend them enough.

You can check out the Silicon Wives website for yourself by clicking here.


  • Huge Range of Sex Dolls
  • Sex Dolls From All The Major Manufacturers
  • Free Delivery or Collection
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Best Priced Sex Dolls Anywhere
  • Customize Your Sex Doll


  • Delivery Can Take 3 Weeks From the Factory

Check out the Silicon Wives website and the sex dolls they sell by clicking here.

Silicon Wives Review - Review - Best Sex Doll Shop - Top Online Sex Doll Retailer

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