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Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

Since you are here reading this Real Doll review I will assume you are looking to buy a sex doll. You are most likely wondering if these sex dolls are as good as they look, what is their quality like and is this company a scam.

The short and quick answer is that is most certainly not a scam. They are a love doll manufacturer based in the USA with a stellar reputation. They are well known for producing the most realistic and highest quality sex dolls in the world. You simply will not find a better, more realistic sex doll anywhere else.

If that answers any of your questions you can check out these highly realistic sex dolls by clicking here.

On the other hand, if you care to know why I recommend these sex dolls so much, you can continue to read this Real Doll review.

Real Doll Review – Quick Look

RealDoll is a range of sex dolls designed and manufactured by Abyss Creations. This manufacturer happens to create the most highly realistic, high quality anywhere in the world. They are also the name behind the most advanced artificial intelligent sex doll robots ever.

If you are looking to buy a realistic sex doll your search really should start and finish with There is simply no other sex doll manufacturer that produces anything that comes close to these male sex toys.

You can only buy a RealDoll sex doll from their official website.

Beautifully Designed Website

Before this Real Doll review looks at the actual products I will start with the website design. After all the website is the first thing you encounter.

The first thing you notice when you land on the site is that it really is beautiful. It looks very professional, classy even. This inspires confidence from the very first second you arrive on the RealDoll website. The website also does a wonderful job of showcasing all the products.

Easy to Navigate Website

Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

You really could not ask for an easier sex doll website to navigate.

When you arrive on the homepage you are greeted with a scrolling banner which fills your entire screen. This scrolling banner showcases some of the most beautiful and realistic sex dolls available for sale on the site.

Along the top left of the screen are links leading to specific product categories. Moving over to the right side of the screen there are links to login to your account, to register an account and to your shopping cart.

Scrolling down the home page shows you more of the seriously stunning sex dolls that are on sale. pretty much functions just like any other well designed retail website. It is as simple as clicking on a love doll you like and you will be taken to the product page. Once there you can choose to buy the doll in its preconfigured state or to customize it before buying it.

Seriously Realistic Sex Dolls

If you have been looking to buy a sex doll for awhile before reaching this Real Doll review you have most likely done a fair bit of research. You will have undoubtedly seen many sex dolls as you have looked around.

I am the first to admit that there are some very lifelike dolls on sale. With that said when I first started this Real Doll review I was truly blown away by just how realistic these sex dolls actually are.

It is more than fair for me to say that these sex dolls are so realistic they could easily be mistaken for a real woman. They really are that lifelike. When I first saw a RealDoll in the flesh I honestly stood there expecting her to move at any given moment.

The bottom line is that, yes there are other manufacturers that produce realistic sex dolls. However if you want a realistic sex doll there is simply nothing that competes with a RealDoll.

I would highly recommend checking out these sex dolls yourself just so you can see how lifelike they are. You can check out the website by clicking here.

High Quality, Well Made Sex Dolls

When you are spending this kind of money on a sex toy you want to know what you are buying is of the very highest quality. This is just one more reason why I highly recommend RealDoll sex dolls. The quality of the sex dolls they produce really is the very best in the world.

Unlike mass produced sex dolls from China RealDoll take great time and pride in producing the very highest quality products.

Each and ever doll they produce is handmade in the USA using only the very best craftsman ship and materials.

That means you will not find your dolls limbs becoming loose in a couple of weeks or tears appearing after only a couple of uses. These dolls are made to stand the test of time.

Throughout this Real Doll review I did not hold back using my sex doll. I can honestly say that, even after the abuse I threw at the doll, it is still just as perfect as the day it arrived at my door. That is money well spent in my opinion.

Great Range of Artificially Intelligent Sex Doll Robots

Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

Yes, you have read the headline above correctly. RealDoll do indeed manufacture the most advanced artificially intelligent sex robots in the world.

The range of robot sex dolls produced by RealDoll are known as the RealDoll X range. This is a range of robot sex dolls that are every bit as lifelike and realistic as every other sex doll they manufacture.

The big difference is that they feature artificial intelligence and animatronic functions. Having animatronic functions allows this range of robot sex dolls to blink, move their lips and respond to your touch. The artificial intelligence is so advanced that it allows these dolls to remember things you tell them and hold a full conversation with you. You can even program them to have their very own unique personality.

What I really do love about the RealDoll X sex robots is how they respond to your touch. This adds an insane amount of realism when you are having sex with them. You actually feel like you are giving these dolls sexual pleasure as they respond just like a real woman.

At the time of writing this Real Doll review there are around five different models of sex robots produced by RealDoll. I will also point out at this point that each and every sex robot from RealDoll can be fully customized. This should allow anyone the chance to own their very own perfect sex robot.

You can check out the range of sex robots produced by RealDoll by clicking here.

Large Selection of Male Sex Dolls

Something that really stood out to me with is that they are one of the very few sex doll manufacturers that offer a good, high quality range of male sex dolls. In my experience with sex doll retailers they tend to focus solely on sex dolls for guys.

I really do like that RealDoll have such a fantastic range of sex dolls for women and gay men.

Each and every male sex doll is highly realistic and of the same high quality as the female sex dolls.

You can check out the range of male sex dolls by clicking here.

Customize Ever Inch of Your Sex Doll

Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

RealDoll offer a pretty impressive range of preconfigured sex dolls. These dolls are usually ready to ship so you can expect to receive your new toy pretty quickly. If you are happy with any of the preconfigured sex dolls on sale from RealDoll there is a good chance you could land yourself a pretty impressive deal. There are certainly some exceptionally attractive preconfigured sex dolls on sale.

However, if you want to chance a certain attribute of a doll then you can. In fact it is possible to customize every last inch of your sex doll. It is not just the like of a dolls eyes and hair that can be customized. You can go as far as customizing her skin tone, her height, breast size, pubic hair, nipples, pretty much anything can be altered. This allows you to create the perfect sex doll for your own personal tastes.

The only negative side of this is that the majority of customizations will add to the overall cost of your new sex doll.

Buy Spare and Additional Parts

Imagine how amazing it would be if you were to buy one sex doll and get several others free. Well, that is not exactly what RealDoll offer but they do offer the very next best thing.

RealDoll sell additional parts for your sex doll. It is possible to buy additional faces, heads, hair pieces, eyes, fingernails, pubic hair and various other parts.

What I really like about this is if you buy a couple of additional faces, heads and hair pieces you can completely change the appearance of your love doll. The fact you can mix and match various faces and hair pieces is very much like owning a whole fleet of beautiful, highly realistic sex dolls.

Large Number of Accessories

RealDoll really have left no stone unturned with the range of products they offer.

If you happen to be one of the many guys out there who have a transgender fantasy RealDoll have you covered. They offer specially designed accessories that allow you to convert your female sex doll so she has a penis.

You can check out these transgender convertors by clicking here.

More Than Just Sex Dolls

Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

In recent yeas RealDoll have begun manufacturing more than just the most realistic sex dolls known to man.

The now manufacture and sell the most realistic dildos you could imagine. They call their range of highly realistic dildos RealCock. You really have to see these toys to truly appreciate just how realistic they are.

You can check out the RealCock range by clicking here.

They also manufacture and sell a truly fantastic range of oral sex simulators, torsos (if you have not the room for a full sized sex doll) and pocket pussies. You can check them out by clicking here.


At this point in this Real Doll review I would imagine you are wondering about the price of these realistic sex dolls. Well, it is the price where trouble comes into paradise and the only really negative thing I can say about these dolls.

They are seriously expensive and have the potential to set you back thousands of dollars.

However, I will remind you that you get what you pay for. This is so very true when it comes to buying a sex doll.

Yes, there are many sex dolls you can buy for fraction of the price of a RealDoll. The problem with buying a cheaper sex doll is that they are likely mass produced in China. That means the materials used to produce them are not of the highest quality. The workmanship and attention to detail will also be inferior to what you find with a RealDoll. There is also the very minor fact that you are buying a sex doll primarily to stick your penis inside. Do you really want to stick your private parts into something that could cause you an injury? Something that could be made from a material that triggers an allergic reaction.

When you buy a RealDoll you are paying for a top quality sex toy. A product that has been designed and manufactured in the good old United States of America. Not only that you are paying for world class workmanship and high quality materials. For me that is well worth the money.

I will point out here that RealDoll often sell preconfigured sex dolls at hugely discounted prices. In some cases you can get lucky and buy a RealDoll cheap for as little as two thousand dollars.

You can check out these discounts by clicking here.

Superb Customer Service

Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

When you are spending this kind of money you really want the very best customer service. World class customer service is exactly what you will receive from RealDoll. They are always no further than a phone call or email away. Whatever your query happens to be you can rest assured the good people at RealDoll will go out of their way to help you. No question is to big or to small.

Highly Discreet Service

I am sure everyone reading this Real Doll review will agree with me when I make this next statement. When you buy a sex doll you do not want the whole world knowing. You most likely do not want anyone knowing about it and most certainly do not want a huge box labelled “sex doll” arriving at your door.

The good news is that RealDoll provide a super discreet service. If you do not want anyone to know about your purchase then no one ever will.

Any financial transactions will show no indication that you have purchased a sex doll. You can also rest assure that the package which arrives at your home will be ultra discreet. There will be no labels or paperwork that gives any indication at all as to what is inside the crate which will arrive at your door.

Until you get the crate inside your home, close your front door and open the crate no one have the faintest idea.

In my vast experience buying sex dolls I can honestly say RealDoll offer the best and most discreet delivery service anywhere.

Reliable and Secure Forms of Payment

When it comes to paying for your RealDoll sex doll you have a variety of secure and reliable options. will accept payment from most major credit and debit cards. Such credit cards include the likes of MasterCard, Visa, America Express and Discover.

They also accept payment from PayPal.

Efficient Repair Service

Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

I often receive emails from sex doll owners asking if I can recommend anywhere that will repair a damaged sex doll.

When it comes to repairing a damaged sex doll you have several options. There are a small handful of sex doll repair companies located around the USA. Most of them are located in California. If you use such a company you will have to crate up your sex doll and arrange for it to be transported.

Another option sex doll owners have is to repair a damaged sex doll themselves. This is actually, in some cases, easier than it may sound. To repair a sex doll yourself it is as simple as buying a sex doll repair kit.

What is exceptionally good news is the fact RealDoll offer a full repair service. So if you are unlucky enough to damage your realistic sex doll it is good to know RealDoll have you covered. They offer repairs at a set fee and can fix everything from the tightening of joints to fixing rips and tears.


The obvious conclusion to this Real Doll review is overwhelmingly positive. If you are looking to buy a high end, realistic sex doll RealDoll really have no competitors. They manufacture the very best sex dolls in the world. Noting else out there comes close.

The only real negative thing I can say about RealDoll is that they are expensive. However, I am very much a believer that you get what you pay for and, as I have already stated, do you really want to put your penis in something that is not the very best quality.

I will also point out that any decent sex doll you consider buying will cost you at least four figures. When you consider this fact a little bit extra for a RealDoll really does make sense.

They really are the very best sex doll manufacturer in the world.

You can check out Real Doll and their superbly realistic sex dolls by clicking here.


  • Most Realistic Sex Dolls in the World
  • Huge Range of Sex Dolls
  • Awesome Website Design
  • Best Robotic Sex Dolls in the World
  • Super High Quality Sex Dolls


  • Expensive

You can check out Real Doll and their superbly realistic sex dolls by clicking here.

Real Doll Review - RealDoll Review - Review - Best Sex Dolls - Most Realistic Sex Dolls - Lifelike Sex Dolls - Cheap - Love Dolls

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