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MyFreeCams Review - My Free Cams Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Top Sex Cam Site - Cam Girls Website - Promo Code - Pornstar Webcam Cams

Since you are here reading this MyFreeCams review I would assume you are most likely already familiar with live sex cam site. You are most likely wondering if this cam site is worth bothering with and worth the money.

The short answer is that, yes, this is a truly fantastic site. In fact it happens to be one of the best live sex cam sites on the internet. You can check out the MyFreeCams website for free by clicking here.

If you want to know why I highly recommend this site you can continue reading this myFreeCams review.

MyFreeCams Review – Quick Look

MyFreeCams is one of many live sex cam sites on the internet. It is also commonly referred to as My Free Cams and MFC. It is completely free to watch cam girls on this site. You do not even need to register an account. With that said it is worth registering a free account as this unlocks various useful features. One such feature is being able to follow your favorite models. This makes them easy to find should you want to watch them in the future. You will also find that most models do not allow guest users to chat. If you want to chat you will have to register a free account.

The only thing you need to do in order to access this cam girl site is verify your age. This is as simple as clicking the “I Am Over 18” button. Not the most foolproof way of verifying a persons age.

Huge Number Active Models

When I first began this MyFreeCams review and landed on the sites homepage I was truly amazed. The reason I was amazed was due to the sheer number of webcam models online at that very moment. More than 1,900 models were active at that very moment. I have frequented some pretty popular live sex cam sites over the years but I cannot recall ever seeing this number of models active at one time on any other site.

Super Hot Girls

As I took a closer look at this site I realised it was not the sheer quantity of girls that was impressive. I could not believe how ridiculously hot and sexy the majority of the girls on this site are. Saying these girls are hot is actually not a strong enough word. These girls are drop dead gorgeous, pure sex on legs and worth giving your left testicle for. They really are that stunning.

I have never seen such a huge percentage of models on any other site as hot as this.

Once I start to check out some of the girls cam shows I realise that the majority of them seen to be American. This is pretty rare on most other cam sites. Especially the likes of StripChat which seems to feature mostly Eastern European models. I have nothing against Eastern European cam girls but I do prefer American models. Simply because there is never an issue with a language barrier. I also must admit I do enjoy knowing the cam girls are from my home country. Just because I like the idea I may stumble across a girl I know in real life.

Lost in Sea of Hot Girls

MyFreeCams Review - My Free Cams Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Top Sex Cam Site - Cam Girls Website - Promo Code - Pornstar Webcam Cams

Do not get me wrong. It is truly fantastic that there are so many active models on this site at any given time. Having so many girls make it nearly impossible to not find you dream sex cam show.

The problem is that having so many girls a click away can make it difficult to choose one to watch. This is not helped by the fact this site does not allow you to right click and open a models show in another tab. Instead MyFreeCams have chosen to adopt a different preview option. Simply hover the mouse pointer over the thumbnail and a preview window opens showing the cam models show. Move the mouse and the preview disappears.

This method of previewing models has certain benefits. However, personally I would prefer being able to open cam shows in extra tabs.

Filters and Navigation

What I really liked about MyFreeCams is the way users navigate the site. I really liked how easy it is to remain in a girls cam room and view other models at the same time. Below the live video field there is rows and rows of active models on the site. I found this a great feature when trying to settle on the perfect model. If you are not satisfied with the show you are watching you can be pretty much sure to have your eye caught by someone else.

I also like the fact you can skip back and forth through cam girls. It is possible to select filters from the settings menu. Once you have selected these filters the site will generate your own customized models list. With this in place when you skip back and forth through models they will be girls from your customized list. This is a great feature if you have certain desires and are looking for girls who can satisfy them. This is actually a feature I am yet to see on any other live sex cam site.

Creating a MyFreeCams Account

As I stated earlier it is completely free to watch girls on MyFreeCams. If you want to do more than just watch you will have to register a free account. By doing this you can create custom model lists and chat with the girls. If you attempt to chat with the models without an account you will be taken to the join page.

Registering a free account on My Free Cams is very simple. You will need a username, an email address and a password. Once you have registered your account you will be sent an email with a link which is used to verify your email address. Once your account is verified you are ready to start chatting with these super sexy cam models.

If you are wanting to enjoy the full pleasure of MyFreeCams the only thing left to do is buy some tokens. These tokens are used to tip the girls. At this point in this MyFreeCams review I will point out again how world class hot these sex cam models are. Yes, you can watch for free. But if you want any attention from any of these girls the very least you can do is tip them from time to time.

Chatting with the Cam Girls

MyFreeCams Review - My Free Cams Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Top Sex Cam Site - Cam Girls Website - Promo Code - Pornstar Webcam Cams

Chatting with girls is pretty straightforward and easy. When you are in a chat room the video stream appears on the left of the screen. The chat box where you can type messages to the girls appears on the right.

There is no option that I have found where you can view full screen video and chat at the same time. I always find this disappointing with cam sites. However, MyFreeCams allows you the ability to resize the video without loosing this ability to chat.

The chat features and layout on MyFreeCams is among the best I have come across in the world of cam sites.

Interactive Sex Toys

One of the greatest things about cam sites is that they are all starting to embrace interactivity. Pretty much all the girls who perform on MyFreeCams use an interactive sex toy such as the Lovense Lush. This is an interactive vibrating toy that the models place inside their vagina allowing it to rest on their G-Spot. The Lovense Lush is then synced with the MyFreeCams platform. Once synced with the site the toy is then controlled when a user gives the model a tip.

Depending on the amount of tip given dictates how long and fast the toy will vibrate. If you have never tried this feature on a cam site before I would highly recommend it even if it is just once. There is something so arousing about watching a model and being able to make her reach an orgasmic climax just by tipping her.

I will warn you that this makes tipping seriously addictive.


In conclusion to this MyFreeCams review it is a live sex cam site that I would highly recommend.

It features the largest selection of active cam girls I have ever seen on any cam site. Even more importantly the girls you will find here are true goddesses. Drop dead gorgeous!

The site offers the use of interactive sex toys, private shows, and the chance to download prerecorded content from the girls.

This is an easy to navigate site that is well worth your time and, at the very least, registering a free account.

The only downside with this cam site is it is VERY popular. As a result sometimes you find certain cam shows are overpopulated with guys. This can make it difficult to create a rapport with the girls unless you pay for a private show with them.

You can register a free account on My Free Cams by clicking here.


  • Not a Spam Advert in Sight
  • Huge Number of Active Girls
  • Super Hot and Very Sexy Girls
  • Resize Video Without Losing Chat Feature
  • Create a Custom Model List


  • Layout and Design Looks Dated
  • Could Do With More Interactive Features
  • Free Account Needed to Chat
  • Some Shows Are Overpopulated

Check out the MyFreeCams site by clicking here.

MyFreeCams Review - My Free Cams Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Top Sex Cam Site - Cam Girls Website - Promo Code - Pornstar Webcam Cams

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