Kink VR Review

Kink VR Review - KinkVR Review - Review - Best Fetish Website - Top Fetish Sites - BDSM - Bondage - Virtual Reality Femdom - VR - Virtual Reality Porn - Virtual Reality

One thing for certain is that if you are here looking at this Kink VR review you are undoubtedly a little kinky. You probably love VR porn and you probably love a little bondage.  A little good old BDSM. Whether or not you admit to that is 100% your business. But since you are here reading this Kink VR review I will assume one thing. That you are wanting to know if this virtual reality porn website is any good and if a membership is worth the money.

The quick answer to all of the above is that is a truly superb virtual reality porn site. Even more so if you happen to be a lover of BDSM bondage. Whether you are new to bondage or a seasoned BDSM lover one thing for sure is that will help you explore something. That something happens to be a way to explore something that is still considered taboo in society. You get to do all of that in a highly arousing and safe way.

If that answers any of your questions you can check out the website by clicking here.

If you would rather read on with this Kink VR review and learn why this VR porn website is so highly recommend, please, feel free.

Kink VR Review – Quick Look

The quickest and easiest way to explain is by saying this. Kink VR is a virtual reality porn website. But not just any ordinary virtual reality porn site. The VR porn experiences you find here are a little different to anything you have found anywhere else. That is because here you will find nothing but super high quality BDSM or bondage VR porn.

So if the idea of having the likes of Chanel Preston take control in a VR femdom experience or having Syren De Mer at your mercy in a bondage experience appeal you are most certainly in the right place.

BDSM porn is one thing. Experiencing virtual reality bondage porn takes things to a whole new level. With you quite literally get the chance to take the main role in any scene. You can be the dominating male or you can be submissive in the ultimate femdom experience.

You will have to go a long, long way to find anything that pushes your boundaries like

If you are feeling a little wet you can go check out exactly what I am talking about by clicking here.

Mind Blowing BDSM Bondage

Kink VR Review - KinkVR Review - Review - Best Fetish Website - Top Fetish Sites - BDSM - Bondage - Virtual Reality Femdom - VR - Virtual Reality Porn - Virtual Reality

I have to admit one thing. That thing happens to be the fact from the second I started this Kink VR review I was blown away. I have always skirted around bondage, BDSM and femdom with my porn habits. However, as much as I have always had a secret desire to take things further that never ever felt like a possibility until I came across

As stupid as this will sound I can honestly say saved my marriage. It allowed me to explore BDSM, bondage and femdom in a safe environment. From there I was able to decide whether or not it was for me, Then I was able to share it with my wife.

The bottom line here is KinkVR is a truly unique form of VR porn. It really does push your boundaries. With this virtual reality porn site you really do get the chance to safely push every fantasy to the absolute limit.

Some VR porn scenes are more extreme than others. Whatever your limit happens to be you can be sure this site offers one thing. The chance to explore certain desires and then push them. The end result is you will end up being honest with yourself and exploring something that will blow your frigging mind.

Beautifully Designed Website

By now regular readers will undoubtedly know that the first thing I look at is the overall design of a website. This Kink VR review is no exception to that rule.

The good news it the is a beautifully designed. In recent VR porn website reviews I have often commented on how I love the light designs. That really would not fit the overall them of a virtual reality bondage website. Whoever designed this site has clearly understood this and chosen a dark, black theme for the site.

Easy to Navigate

I am sure everyone reading this Kink VR review feels the same as I do about porn websites. That there are plenty of sites out that there have fantastic content. However, if a porn website is difficult website then it is simply not worth the money or the time.

The fact is extremely easy to navigate makes it one of the best ever virtual reality fetish websites out there. You can pretty much land on the homepage and find exactly what you are looking for within a matter of seconds. That is good to know when you are desperate to find a pornstar to dominate or have one dominate you.

When you land on the homepage you become instantly aware of how easy it will be to navigate. A sliding banner featuring the hottest BDSM scenes slowly scrolls if you do not click anywhere. Along the top right of the homepage you will see several links. You have the option of clicking the “join” button or the “login” button. There is also the option of clicking on the “videos” button which will take you to all the virtual reality bondage scenes available. Alternatively you can click on the “girls” button which takes you to a page which features all the models featured on

You have to admit that this sounds like a very easy website to navigate.

Check out the site and find for yourself how easy it is to navigate by clicking here.

Highly Immersive Virtual Reality Bondage

Kink VR Review - KinkVR Review - Review - Best Fetish Website - Top Fetish Sites - BDSM - Bondage - Virtual Reality Femdom - VR - Virtual Reality Porn - Virtual Reality

The whole point of virtual reality is to create a highly immersive experience. An experience that feels so real you forget you are in the real world and genuinely believe you are in the virtual world.

Because is part of a very experienced VR porn network the experiences they produce are of the very highest quality. They are, quite literally, the most highly immersive VR porn experiences you could imagine.

The scenes they produce feature the very highest ulta high definition video. This alone makes them astonishingly immersive. Then throw in the mix the binaural sound you can be sure of a mind blowing BDSM experience. An experience so real it will cement the fact you will never ever look at conventional bondage or femdom porn the same way again.

Exceptional BDSM Experiences

At this point in this Kink VR review I would imagine you are wondering about the virtual reality porn experiences you will find here. What is the quality of the virtual reality bondage experiences?

Well, one thing I can tell you is there is no watered down BDSM bondage here. The experiences you find here are of the very highest quality. These are experiences BDSM lovers would pay some serious money for. With a subscription you get a huge number of ever growing BDSM experiences available to you anytime of the night and day. produce both voyeur and first person VR porn scenes. Voyeur scenes that stood out to me featured the likes of London River. I must admit it was out of this world watching her dressed in stockings and being forced to fuck. This was a mild voyeur scene. If you are into something stronger I would recommend scenes where the likes of Mona Wales dominates another woman.

Moving over to first person virtual reality BDSM experiences I can assure you your legs will be weak. Imagine having Syren De Mer forced to suck your cock like her life depended on it. Having her forced to ride your cock until she cums over and over again.

Maybe you would prefer to have Jasmine Jae forcing Zoe Sparx to gag on your cock.

If femdom is your thing imagine having sexy porn legends like Chanel Preston dominate you.

I could go on and on with awesome BDSM and femdom scenes. The truth is that they really have to be experienced for yourself to truly appreciate how awesome they are.

Check them out by clicking here.

Hottest BDSM Pornstars

Kink VR Review - KinkVR Review - Review - Best Fetish Website - Top Fetish Sites - BDSM - Bondage - Virtual Reality Femdom - VR - Virtual Reality Porn - Virtual Reality

You have probably already noticed I have mentioned virtual reality bondage scenes featuring some big names in the adult industry.

Well, what I will say at this point in this Kink VR review is this. Those names are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is always great to see a high quality BDSM porn website. Especially if that site happens to respect the talent and feature some seriously hot, some seriously well known names. What really struck me with is this. The studio puts you face to face with the biggest and hottest names in the adult industry. This virtual reality porn studio puts you face to face with the biggest stars in the adult industry and allows you the chance to experience mind blowing BDSM and femdom situations with them. What is not to love about that idea?

Huge BDSM Library and Regular Updates

If you are paying good money, your own hard earned money, for a website of any description you want value for money.

The very first thing that stood out to me with this Kink VR review was the quality and quantity of content made available. is a relatively new premium porn website. This is simply because high quality virtual reality porn is a relatively new technology.

With that said when you sign up for membership you gain access to an incredible library of BDSM bondage and femdom virtual reality porn.

You also gain access to regular updates and new releases. At the time of writing this Kink VR review you can expect at least on new super hot bondage or femdom based virtual reality porn scene each and every week.

Access to the BaDoink Network

It is perfectly natural to want more in life. The same can be said if you are paying for a membership to a premium porn website.

The great news here is that if you pay for a membership to you get more than just access to this one, super hot, BDSM virtual reality website. You actually get access to all the websites in what is known as the BaDoink network. That means you get access to the likes of, not just,, and

When you consider each of these VR porn sites offer their own individual membership plan you cannot fail to see the value for money.

You can check out the premium porn websites you gain access to with a membership by clicking here.

Value for Money

Kink VR Review - KinkVR Review - Review - Best Fetish Website - Top Fetish Sites - BDSM - Bondage - Virtual Reality Femdom - VR - Virtual Reality Porn - Virtual Reality

I was glad to see offer exceptional value for money. The cost of a membership to KinkVR changes from time to time but they offer a method of paying that will suit everyone.

There is the optioning of paying for a trial membership which gives access to one VR video. The majority of the time this will cost you as little as one dollar.

If you would prefer access to the entire KinkVR website there are several options of paying. You can pay each month or you can pay for an entire year. At the time of writing this Kink VR review it works out that a year membership will cost the same as paying for three months on their own.

The best value way of paying for a membership is to pay for a lifetime membership. At the time of writing a lifetime membership will cost you as much as paying for an entire year a month at a time. When you think about it a lifetime membership is certainly the best way to pay if you can afford it.

You can check out the deals and offers for a membership by clicking here.

Free Virtual Reality Headset

When I speak to people about virtual reality porn the biggest obstacle stopping them trying it is the cost. That is the cost for a virtual reality headset and a high powered PC to run the VR headset. Although in recent years standalone VR headsets such as the Oculus Go have become available they are still out of reach for some people.

The good news is, thanks to the likes of virtual reality porn is finally in the reach of everyone. That is because with every membership to they issue a free virtual reality headset.

Of course this is an entry level headset. The type of headset that requires you to insert your smartphone to use as the screen. There is a big difference between such headsets and the likes of an Oculus. However, it is the perfect way for anyone to dip their toe into he world of virtual reality porn.

If you have ever dreamt of trying VR porn for yourself a free virtual reality headset surely has to be appealing.

You can check out how to get your free VR headset by clicking here.


Kink VR Review - KinkVR Review - Review - Best Fetish Website - Top Fetish Sites - BDSM - Bondage - Virtual Reality Femdom - VR - Virtual Reality Porn - Virtual Reality

There is no other conclusion I can give to this Kink VR review other than that it is truly fantastic. If you love BDSM, bondage, femdom, have a  foot fetish, a fetish of any description, will truly blow you away.

It is one thing to watch adult entertainment stars act these things out on you screen. However, it is truly something mind blowing to be part of that scene and experience. This is exactly what a membership will give you. It immerses you in the scene and makes you part of the action. How could any fetish lover possibly not want to at least try this?

Whether you are experienced in the real world of BDSM and femdom or it is something you are desperate to try I assure you will truly blow you away.

The only real thing for you to do now is decide if you would like to watch, to punish or be punished, to dominate or to be dominated.

There is simply no other virtual reality BDSM VR porn studio that comes close to competing.

You can check out the website for yourself by clicking here.


  • Super High Definition VR Video
  • Hottest and Biggest Names In Porn
  • Free VR Headset
  • Access to the BaDoink Porn Network
  • Huge Library of VR BDSM Porn
  • At Least One New Scene Each Week


  • Highly Addictive

You can check out the website for yourself by clicking here.

Kink VR Review - KinkVR Review - Review - Best Fetish Website - Top Fetish Sites - BDSM - Bondage - Virtual Reality Femdom - VR - Virtual Reality Porn - Virtual Reality

You can check out more of the best VR porn websites here.

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