Chaturbate Review

Chaturbate Review - Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Web Cam Site - Cam Models Free

You are likely here reading this Chaturbate review because you are looking for the best live sex cam sites. Well, if you are simply wanting to find out from this Chaturbate review if it is worth the money I can assure you it is.

You can check out the Chaturbate website by clicking here.

If you care to learn why I so highly recommend Chaturbate you can carry on reading.

Chaturbate Review – Quick Look

On the off chance you are reading this Chaturbate review and do not know what the site is for let me bring you up to speed. This website could be described as an online strip club. You can choose from, quite literally, thousands of webcam models and performers to watch. Once you are watching a cam model you have the option of tipping them or paying them for a private cam show. Te best thing about Chaturbate is that it is free to watch and chat with girls. It is only if you want extras from the models do you pay anything.

It is fair to say that out of all the live sex cam sites in the world; Charurbate is the biggest and the best.

A Live Free Tube Site

As soon as you arrive on the Chaturbate homepage you are presented with rows and rows of thumbnails. Each of these thumbnails features a smoking hot cam model who is available there and then to watch. The setup is very much the same as when you arrive on a free porn tube website. There is only one real difference is that on Chaturbate the videos are all live.

As you scan the thumbnails you realise there is a wide variety of models. You will see everything from a hot girl wearing stockings in an office setting to a hot girl with a cock in her mouth. Keep scanning and you will see super hot lesbians together. There is no end to the fantasies being fulfilled by the cam models on this site. There is even girls of all ages featured on this live sex cam site.

How is Chaturbate Free?

Chaturbate Review - Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Web Cam Site - Cam Models Free

Once you arrive on the Chaturbate homepage it will take no more than a few seconds before a specific cam model catches you eye. Click on that thumbnail, assuming you have already signed up for a free account, and you are taken to the models page.

This page features the live webcam feed from the model, a chat window and various buttons that allow you to tip the model.

At this point you suddenly realise Chaturbate really is free.

The fact you are watching a live sex show and have not had to put your hand in your pocket really is wonderful. Especially when you see how high quality the shows these cam models put on.

The first time I visited Chaturbate I wound up watching a cam model by the username – Wh4thefuck. This girl streams her show from an office setting. She puts on a great show if you love stockings, high heels, sexy legs and have a foot fetish.

From this model I moved on to a smoking hot, elegant, mature model by the username, Valeriamessalina. I watch as the is sexy elegant lady, dressed in stockings and sexy lingerie, appears to reach an orgasmic climax.

Again, this is all free to watch. Every cam model’s room I enter is 100% free. Unbelievable. Things become even better when I realise this site does not even have any annoying spam advert popping up all over the place.

More than Just Solo Cam Girls

If you are looking for more than watching a cam girl perform a solo sex show you are in look. Chaturbate really does have something for everyone.

If you would like to watch a male and female couple get it on in a live sex show then you will find that on Chaturbate. Perhaps you would prefer to watch two hot girls get it on. Maybe you’d prefer to watch a solo guy or two gay guys together.

Whatever style sex show you would like to see you will be sure to find it on Chaturbate.

Super Sexy Cam Models

Chaturbate Review - Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Web Cam Site - Cam Models Free

There was something else that stood out to me throughout this Chaturbate review. The cam models on this live sex cam site are truly stunning.

These girls are nothing like you will have seen on other sites. They take great pride in their appearance. Take great pride in the shows they put on and go out of their way to satisfy their fans.

The girls (and guys) you find on Chaturbate can make some serious amounts of money. For this reason alone you can understand why models take so much pride in their work.

You will undoubtedly find that the cam models get very friendly with their regular fans. Especially the fans that tip them on a regular basis.

Tipping Live Sex Cam Models

I would guess at this point of this Chaturbate review you are remembering how I said this live sex cam site was free. Well, like I said, this is still true. You can watch and chat with models for as long as you want without paying a penny.

However, with that said, there are plenty of really appealing extras I guarantee you will want to pay for.

Tipping the cam models is done by buying Chaturbate tokens. You can then use these tokens to tip the models. At the time of writing this Chaturbate review you can buy 100 tokens for $10:99. There is no minimum on how much you can tip the models so 100 tokens can last you a long time. Once you have purchased tokens it is as simple as clicking the tip button while watching your favorite cam model.

You will find the majority of cam models on Chaturbate use an interactive sex toy. When you tip the cam model this sex toy is activated. The more you tip the model the longer the vibrating sex toy is active. I can promise you it is so addictive when you start tipping these live sex cam models. When you realise your tips are making them reach an orgasmic climax it is so arousing to watch.

You can also use your Chaturbate tokens to pay the cam models for extras. Such extras may include performing a certain sex act or wearing a certain item of clothing. You can even pay for a private one-on-one live sex cam show. Private shows are really cool. Not only do you get to be alone with the model. You can sync male sex toys such as the Kiiroo Keon with her and she can control it for you. You can check out the Kiiroo Keon by clicking here.


In conclusion Chaturbate is a live sex cam site I would highly recommend. Even if you are not familiar with these type of websites I would highly recommend you check this site out. It will be the best decision you ever make.

The site is so easy to navigate and features the hottest sex cam models you could imagine. There are no annoying pop up spam adverts and it is 100% free to watch for as long as you want.

When it comes to buying tokens to tip the girls the process is so easy. The fact that buying tokens is super discreet and will not show on your bank statement is even better.

Check out the Chaturbate website and their sex cam models by clicking here.


  • The Hottest Girls and Sexiest Cam Models
  • Thousands of Live Free Sex Cams
  • Interactive Sex Shows


  • Private PMs with models will cost a membership fee
  • Tipping Cam Models Is Addictive and It Can Add Up Quickly
  • Some Models Will Kick You Out If You Do Not Tip

You can check out Chaturbate website by clicking here.

Chaturbate Review - Best Live Sex Cam Sites - Web Cam Site - Cam Models Free

You can check out Chaturbate website by clicking here.

Check out more cool live sex cam sites here.

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