BaDoinkVR Review

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Since you are here reading this BaDoinkVR review I will assumer you want to know the answer to one or two questions. Those question will undoubtedly be – is this virtual reality porn website any good and is it worth the money. For those wanting a quick and simple answer I can tell you this is a truly fantastic VR porn site. In fact it happens to produced some of the very best VR porn scenes you will ever see.

You can check out the BaDoinkVR website by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you would like to know why I recommend this VR porn website, you can continue reading this BaDoinkVR review.

BaDoinkVR Review – Quick Look

BaDoinkVR is a premium virtual reality porn site that released its first VR porn scene back in 2015. This makes it one of the very first websites and studios to focus specifically on VR porn scenes.

With so many years creating virtual reality porn you can rest assured this studio has went from strength to strength. They are now widely regarded as one of the best producers of virtual reality porn in the world. In fact many people attribute BaDoink VR as being behind the first big boom in virtual reality porn.

They now boast a huge library of high quality VR porn scenes featuring the hottest girls in the adult industry. There is also the fact this studio has, over the years, won many of the adult industries top awards.

Beautiful Easy to Navigate Website

Personally, I feel that the design of a website can make or break it. Having an easy to navigate website can, quite literally, make a good website a great website.

The first thing I loved during this BaDoinkVR review was the clean and bright design of the site.

A large majority of adult websites seem to use dark colors in their design. They also have a habit of overloading users with clickable buttons making navigation a nightmare.

The BaDoinkVR website features a bright design using a white background. They have also opted for a design that ridiculously easy to navigate. Scenes can be sorted either by the most recent scenes first or the most popular.

Along the top of the site there is the option of clicking a button that allows you to browse the models featured on the site. There is also the option of heading over to other virtual reality porn sites that make up the BaDoink network. These sites include VRCosplayX, KinkVR, 18VR and Babe VR.

Free Virtual Reality Headset

BaDoinkVR Review - BaDoink VR Review - Best VR Porn Site - Best Virtual Reality Porn Website - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

One thing that stops people getting in to VR porn is the cost. It is not just the price of a VR headset that puts people off. There is also the cost of high powered PC that is needed for virtual reality. In recent years high quality, standalone VR headsets have started to hit the market. However, these are still out of reach for many people.

The good news is BaDoinkVR has come up with a solution to this. They offer a free set of virtual reality goggles to all users with a monthly membership. The VR goggles that BaDoiinkVR give members free are known as Google Cardboard. They require a smartphone to be inserted into the headset so it can be used as a screen. It is fair to say Google Cardboard is very much an entry level product. They are nowhere near as good as the likes of an Oculus but, with that said, they are a fantastic way of getting into the fantastic world of VR porn.

If the cost of a VR headset is putting you off I would highly recommend an upgraded version of the Google Cardboard headset. You can check out the best upgrades and the best price by clicking here.

High Quality Video

High quality video and a high frame rate is essential for virtual realty videos. Poor quality video and a low frame rate totally ruins any virtual reality experience. It can even make users feel sick. This is known as VR sickness and it is very similar to the sensation of severe travel sickness.

It was great to see that BaDoinkVR have always produced their scenes using the very latest technology. At the time of writing this BaDoinkVR review they are currently shooting VR porn experience in 7K and 8K ultra high definition video. They also shoot scenes using a frame rate of at least 60 frames per second. The end result is a highly immersive virtual reality experience.

Binaural Audio

Great quality audio is another essential factor when it comes to highly immersive virtual reality porn experiences. The great thing about VR porn fantasies produced by BaDoink VR is that they use what is known as binaural audio. This allows the person in the VR experience to  hear sounds from where they see them. If a girl whispers in your left ear or behind you then this is where the user hears it.

Again this all goes a long way to creating a highly immersive virtual reality porn fantasy. Just one more reason why BaDoink VR are considered to be one of the best VR porn producers in the world.

Hottest Pornstars

BaDoinkVR Review - BaDoink VR Review - Best VR Porn Site - Best Virtual Reality Porn Website - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

Probably the most amazing thing about virtual reality porn is this. It gives you the chance to fuck the hottest porn stars in the world. That means no more watching regular porn where some other guy gets luck. Virtual reality porn makes you the star of your very own porn movie.

BaDoinkVR uses the hottest and best known porn stars in the world. That means you get the chance to fuck the likes of Alina Lopez, Brandi Love, Angela White, Gabbie Carter and so many more. Put it this way if she is a big name in the adult entertainment industry BaDoinkVR give you the chance to fuck her.

What is even more amazing is they give you the chance to live out some seriously awesome sexual scenarios with these girls. That maybe something as simple as sex with a sexy secretary who is wearing stockings. On the other hand it maybe the chance to fuck two, three or even four pornstars at the same time in your very own virtual reality orgy.

Regular New VR Porn Content

I am sure you will all agree that if you are spending hard earned money on a monthly porn membership there is one thing that is essential. You want to see new content on a regular basis.

Producing top quality virtual reality porn is much more difficult than producing regular porn. There is a lot more time and work required to produce a highly immersive experience. Do not forget that it costs more as well even if it is just keeping up to date with the latest virtual reality cameras.

With all of that said it is good to see that BaDoinkVR still manages to put out new scenes on a regular basis. With a monthly BaDoinkVR membership you can expect to see at least two new scenes each and every week.

When you consider BaDoinkVR has been producing scenes at this rate since 2016 you will be kept busy forever while you check out their huge library of virtual reality porn scenes.

Compatible With All Virtual Reality Headsets

In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of virtual reality headsets on the market. Such VR headsets include the likes of the Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and the Playstation PSVR.

With so many VR headsets available some people worry certain videos will not be compatible. The good news is that BaDoinkVR porn videos are compatible with each and every VR headset out there.

Dedicated VR Theatre

BaDoinkVR Review - BaDoink VR Review - Best VR Porn Site - Best Virtual Reality Porn Website - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

There is a problem I have ran into with many of the big name virtual reality porn sites. That issue is that it is difficult to search for the perfect VR porn video while wearing a VR headset. I was over the moon during this BaDoinkVR review to realise this website has created the perfect solution to this issue.

They have their very own VR theatre. What this does is take away the need to scroll through and endless display of videos inside your virtual reality headset. Instead you are presented with a carousel of VR porn titles that is presented to you in their very own VR experience. You are literally placed in a virtual room with titles and hot girls presented in front of you. Swipe to something you would like to experience then press your virtual finger at away you go.

The virtual room will then darken and you will be whisked away to your virtual reality porn fantasy. That means you are teleported to a room where your favorite pornstar will be stood waiting for you.

Now that is the very reason why virtual reality is the future of porn.

Just throw in an interactive sex toy like the Kiiroo Keon and your mind will be blown. The Kiiroo Keon allows you to feel everything you see in your VR experience. You can check the best price for the Kiiroo Keon by clicking here.

Very Near Advert Free

Anyone who is a regular to my adult entertainment reviews will know I hate adverts. Well, I hate premium membership websites that take your money then still bombard you with adverts. In my opinion if you are paying a membership fee then adverts should be removed.

What I love about BaDoink VR is that the site is pretty much advert free. Yes, there is the occasional advert but it is discreet. There is nothing like those annoying popups and banners you see on other membership sites.

You will see adverts which promote scenes that are coming soon. You will also see several small links at the top of the page which link to other VR porn sites in the same adult entertainment network as BaDoinkVR.

The noticeable lack of adverts plastered everywhere is a huge selling point for me.


The bottom line is that BaDoinkVR is a seriously awesome VR porn website. It offers extremely well produced porn fantasies featuring the hottest pornstars on the planet.

The website looks amazing and is so easy to navigate. On top of that it is pretty much the only VR porn website that makes it so easy to browse videos and girls while wearing a VR headset.

Video is of the highest quality and the studio is alway the first in the industry to employee the very latest technology.

If you are looking for highly immersive virtual reality porn the simple fact is that BaDoinkVR is one of the best VR porn sites in the world.

This is your chance to, quite literally, fuck your favorite pornstars. Now that has to be an offer no one can refuse.

To be honest it is worth taking out a month membership just for the free virtual reality headset.

You can check out the BaDoinkVR website by clicking here.


  • Extremely High Quality Video
  • Superbly Produced Scenes
  • Stream and Download VR Porn
  • Hottest Pornstars
  • Free Virtual Reality Headset
  • At Least Two New Scenes a Week


  • Only That They Do Not Release Scenes Every Day But Which VR Porn Studio Does

You can check out the BaDoinkVR website by clicking here.

BaDoinkVR Review - BaDoink VR Review - Best VR Porn Site - Best Virtual Reality Porn Website - Best Premium Porn Sites - Hottest Porn Site Subscriptions - Membership - Promo Codes - Free

You can check out the BaDoinkVR website by clicking here.

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