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Ashley Madison Review - AshleyMadison Review - AshleyMadison.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hookup Websites

If you are here looking at this Ashley Madison review I assume you are looking to have an affair. You are in a relationship, maybe married, but things have become a little boring. You are looking for a little excitement in life. Something different to your partner. Well, if you are here because you want to cheat and want to know if Ashley Madison is legit and worth the money. I can assure you it is the worlds best hookup site for people in a relationship.

You can check out the Ashley Madison website by clicking here.

If you want to know why this Ashley Madison review recommends this as the worlds best adult dating site for married couples and people in a relationship then keep reading.

Ashley Madison Review – Quick Look

If you are thinking about cheating on your significant other you are in the right place. Ashley Madison is a dating website but with a difference. That difference is that it is specifically designed for people who are in a relationship. People who are in a relationship and want a little something extra without all the risks of getting caught or having to lie.

A Better Choice Than Tinder

How is Ashley Madison any different from Tinder? Is it not easier just to use Tinder to have an affair? Well, it may or may not be easier but Ashley Madison is most certainly the better choice. This is because if you try to hookup on Tinder there is a very good chance someone you know will stumble upon your Tinder profile. That is just the nature of how Tinder works and how it is used. Pretty much anyone who is near you has a very high chance of finding you on the Tinder app.

Ashley Madison on the other hand is much more discreet. People who use Tinder are wanting to keep things discreet. This is why they are willing to pay for the discreet service that Ashley Madison offer.

This is not a site like Tinder where people are looking for quick and easy hookups. It is probably better to describe Tinder as a hookup site for people who want a quick shag. A quick one night stand.

Ashley Madison is purposely built specifically for married people. The fact they have been around since 2001 is a good indication they are very good at the service they offer.

View Profiles With a Simple Free Sign Up

Ashley Madison Review - AshleyMadison Review - AshleyMadison.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hookup Websites

The first thing I loved during this Ashley Madison review was how you can sign up for free. What was even more impressive is that you can even view other users profiles without having to pay a penny.

Pretty much every other hookup website you come across will charge you to do anything other than sign up. In most instances hookup websites entice you with a free sign up but charge you even to view a message or profile.

Signing up for Ashley Madison is free and easy. There is only a handful of things you need at this stage. You will need a valid email address, along with your birthday, a zip code, and a username. As an example of how seriously this website takes user privacy it goes as far to advice them to use a throwaway email address. This is a good piece of advice and helps reduce the risk you will get caught by your significant other. The site also suggests choosing a username that does not allow you to be identified by friends and family.

The only real thing that could lead to you being identified by a family member, significant other, friend or coworker is you profile photo.

This all may sound like it could lead to some pretty dangerous situations. The good news is that Ashley Madison authenticates users identification and photos so you do not have to.

Choose the Type of Relationship You Are Interested In

Once you are signed up for a free Ashley Madison account it is time to indicate what type of relationship you are wanting to have. Are you wanting to have a short term relationship or a long term affair. Perhaps you are simply looking for some cybersex or sexy text messages. You may even be open to anything.

Meet Perfect People Who Are In To What You Offer

What I really liked about this hook up site is the result of customizing your desires. There are so many filters you can choose from which help the site connect you with the most perfect people to suit your desires.

It is not just a simple case of stating what you are looking for in an affair. Nor is it a case of simply stating the height, weight, hair color or body shape you find attractive. It is not even simply a case of stating what you would like a a prospective affair to enjoy doing. I was amazed during this Ashley Madison review to see the option to state the level of my sex drive. There was an option to state whether I had tattoos or like tattoos on a partner. Did I do drugs or was a I bothered about someone doing drugs? Was I just looking for the occasional fuck?

The level of customization offers is astonishing. With that said I must point out that the end result is you being matched with the perfect person time and time again. What makes this even better is that the people you are matched with are actually people who are looking for someone like you. Someone like you in every single way. The more honest you are in your profile and what you are into the better your hook up will be.

Easy to Control How Much You Spend

Ashley Madison Review - AshleyMadison Review - AshleyMadison.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hookup Websites

Most hookup sites like Ashley Madison operate on one specific business model. They make their money by charging users a membership fee very month or every year. Ashley Madison could actually be classed as a free hookup website. Well, it is free to register an account and free use. However, if you want the really good stuff you do indeed have to pay. The good news is that you will not find yourself having to pay a set monthly membership fee.

Rather than charging users a membership fee Ashley Madison allows users to buy credits. This makes it so easy to control and keep track of how much money you are spending on the site.

It is worth noting that the higher the number of credits you purchase at one time the lower the cost of them will be. You should certainly be aware of this when buying credits. It really does pay to buy a larger amount in the long run.

Detailed Profiles

I should also mention here that it remains free to view profiles on the Ashley Madison website. I really like this as pretty much every other hookup site out there will charge you to do this. For me nothing screams scam louder than a website restricting access to other user profiles unless you cough up some money. really are ahead of the game here.

Profiles on the website offer plenty of information. Things such as location, weight, height, sexual interests. Users can also add a short personal message introducing themselves along with photos.

A user profile on this site allows you to send winks so you can let them know you are interested. You can also see a users feedback from other users.

Awesome Features for Travellers

During this Ashley Madison review it dawned on me that people who travel a lot tend to be more likely to have affairs. It does not seem to matter if a person travels for work or just enjoys holidaying on their own. When people are away from home and their significant other the chances of an affair dramatically increases.

If you happen to be someone who travels a lot and has often dreamt about a random hookup is the site you are looking for. If you are getting ready to travel somewhere this website has you covered. It allows you to message up to 30 potential hookup matches for free. All you need to do is pick the city you are visiting. Once you have done that Ashley Madison will show you potential hookup.

What more could you ask for the next time you take a business trip?

Everyone On the Site Is Down For It

Ashley Madison Review - AshleyMadison Review - AshleyMadison.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hookup Websites

If you are still undecided how Ashley Madison differs from Tinder consider this. If you have ever used Tinder you will have realised that many of the girls are nothing more than a cock tease. They use the Tinder platform simply because they want attention. Nothing more and nothing less.

When it comes to Ashley Madison everyone you encounter here will be down for something. No one is there for attention or to tease. Everyone who uses the site declares exactly what they are looking for and exactly what they are up for. You are therefore matched with only people who are up for the same things that you are.

There is no messing around and no misunderstandings. This is a godsend when it comes to arranging a hookup, starting a long term affair or whatever it is you happen to be looking for.

World Class Mobile Hookup Website

The chances are you share a laptop with your significant other. Even if you have access to your own personal computer there is a greater chance of getting caught on a hookup site using a laptop. For this reason alone I would always advise people to use their cellphone to access such sites.

The good news here is that the mobile version of the Ashley Madison website is superb. Sadly they do not have their own app but this may well be a blessing in disguise. After all you could find yourself in some seriously hot water if a partner spotted an Ashley Madison app on your phone.

The mobile version of the site on your phone’s browser is insanely easy to navigate. It looks fantastic as well. Pretty much everything you could want from a mobile site. Then add that it is much easier to hide your search history on a phone over a laptop.


The conclusion to this Ashley Madison review is a very positive two thumbs up. If you are looking for a quick hookup or a long lasting affair this is the perfect place to find it.

The site is extremely discreet and does a fantastic job of matching you with people who are looking for the exact same thing as you. If you are wanting to cheat on your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend this site makes it so easy.

Ashley Madison offers extremely good value for money. If you cannot find what you are looking for here you will not find it anywhere. It really is that simple.

You can check out the Ashley Madison website by clicking here.


  • Discreet
  • Non-Judgemental
  • A Chance to Meet and Hookup with Sexy Married Women
  • Many Options to Help Keep Your Cheating and Information Secret
  • Dating Website for Married Cheaters


  • It Costs Money to Buy Credits
  • You Are Cheating On Your Husband or Wife. There is Always a Risk of Getting Caught

You can check out the Ashley Madison website by clicking here.

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Ashley Madison Review - AshleyMadison Review - AshleyMadison.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hookup Websites

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