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AdultFriendFinder Review - Adult Friend Finder Review - AdultFriendFinder.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hooku Websites

If you are here looking at this Adult Friend Finder review I am guessing you are looking to get laid. If that is the case and you are wanting to know it this hookup site really can help you meet random girls for sex there is one simple answer. Yes, this site can indeed help you hookup with random girls and guys who are looking for sex.

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Adult Friend Finder Review – Quick Look

Back in 1994 a guy called Andrew Conru created the worlds first online dating site. This site was called Web Personals and it changed the world of dating agencies forever. by 1996 Web Personals was sold and Andrew Conru went onto create a website called Friend Finder. This was actually one of the worlds first social networks.

Within days of Friend Finder going online it became obvious that more and more users were posting photos of themselves naked. The creator tried all kinds of things, including begging and pleading, to put an end to the nude photos but nothing worked.

It was at this point he had his lightbulb moment and was born. This was the first adult based social network in the world. Who would have ever thought social media had such a naughty creation?

Today is one of the worlds best hookup sites. If you find yourself alone and wishing you could get laid this site was built for you. This site has been specifically designed to help you meet random strangers for the purpose of hooking up and having sex.

One of the Worlds Biggest Adult Dating Sites

AdultFriendFinder Review - Adult Friend Finder Review - AdultFriendFinder.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hooku Websites

There are not many people who have not heard of Adult Friend Finder at least once in their life. This is hardly surprising when you consider there are not many sites in the world that offer major competition. The only real competitors of this site are the likes of Tinder, OkCupid, Ashley Madison and Any hookup website that can compete with the big boys of adult dating must be doing something right.

Back as early as 2007 this site was often listed as one of 50 most popular websites in the USA. It has even won XBIX awards for the Best Dating Program of the Year. even voted as the best adult dating site in the world.

Registering An Account

Signing up and registering an account on Adult Friend Finder is free. However, you will quickly realise that to do anything on the site you have to pay. That means handing over your credit card details.

Many people get to this point and have second thoughts about handing over financial information. I will warn you that once you have a free account registered you will indeed start to get messages from some seriously hot girls. The problem is you cannot read any of the messages or see photos of the girls until you become a paying member of AdultFriendFinder.

A Paid Account Gives You Plenty To Do

Once you become a paying member of Adult Friend Finder you will have plenty of things you can do. You can message other people and read any messages you receive. It is possible to join private chat rooms, explore webcams, write your own blog and read other peoples blogs. AdultFriendFinder even has its own version of the Facebook ‘like’ button. The only difference is you are not sending a like. You will be sending a flirt instead. There is options for you to add photos and videos of your own as well as viewing photos and videos of other users.

Like Facebook you also will have the ability to comment on or like posts, photos and videos from other users.

If you choose not to become a paying member none of these options are available to you. You cannot even view the profiles of other users. The best you will see is a tiny thumbnail which is the users profile photo along with a notification that you have received a message.


AdultFriendFinder Review - Adult Friend Finder Review - AdultFriendFinder.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hooku Websites

When I set out at the start of this Adult Friend Finder review the first thing I did was to register my own account. Within ten minutes I had received my first message. As already explained at this point I was unable to read the message. All I could see was a notification alone with the username and a tiny photo. It was certainly a huge ego boost to receive my first message so soon after joining the site.

However, there was something bugging me.

I really did find it very difficult to believe, as a new member, anyone would receive a message from someone so quickly. What was even more difficult to believe was that I had received a message from someone who appeared to live in the same city as me. My honest opinion is that AdultFriendFinder is actually using chatbots which are programmed to target new members. The mission of these chatbots are clearly to encourage people to become a paid member. I could be wrong but I really do not think I am.

What I did find is once I had paid for a membership the messages seemed to stop quite abruptly. If I am wrong about this I will state right now that AdultFriendFinder is the very best hookup site on the entire internet. Stop reading and get on over to the site by

To be honest AdultFriendFinder would certainly not be the first and only dating site to use such tactics. I am pretty sure more dating sites use chatbots than do not use them.


When you initially land on the Adult Friend Finder homepage you see that it is designed to look slick. It is professionally designed and draws you in straight away with high quality photos of some seriously attractive women.

When you consider how many different things you can do on AdultFriendFinder it is impressive that it is so easy to navigate. I really do have to take my hat of to the designers of this site. They have done a truly fantastic job.

In many ways the site is not dissimilar to Facebook and the way it is designed. There is a narrow menu bar at the top of the page with various options for personlizing your experience. It is a very standard type of social media design that works exceptionally well. You will certainly not have any issue finding your whatever you are looking for on the site.

Web Camming and Live Broadcasts

AdultFriendFinder Review - Adult Friend Finder Review - AdultFriendFinder.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hooku Websites

What really makes Adult Friend Finder different from mainstream social networks like Facebook is that it offers live cams. Some of these cams are free for every paid member to watch but a good selection of them require a subscription or payment.

The fact it is so easy to broadcast your own webcam stream turns out to be quite useful. It is a great way of putting yourself out there if you happen to be confident enough.

Cash, Cash, Cash

At the end of the day if you have money to burn you will likely have a great time on Adult Friend Finder. The chances are most certainly in your favor that you will indeed get laid. Which is good news as this is the whole point of the site.

The big problem for me with Adult Friend Finder is that everything costs money. Even taking a look at someones profile will cost you a couple of bucks. Then there is the fact you have to pay for every message you send. You can very quickly spend some serious money on AdultFriendFinder.

The golden rule is do not expect to spend a couple of bucks and find yourself hooking up with the woman of your dreams. You will most certainly need to accept you are going to have to spend some money to find what you are looking for. Yes, you can get laid with a random stranger. However, it will not be cheap.


The question I am sure you are dying to ask is – is Adult Friend Finder legit and will it help me get laid? Well, the site certainly appears to have a huge number of female members. All of them are there for the same reason you are there. That reason is to chat and meet up with people in their area.

The answer to the obvious question is that, yes, Adult Friend Finder will get you laid. It will not be cheap and it may not be quickly but it will get you laid. It is more than fair to say this. Out of all the adult dating sites or hookup sites out there. AdultFriendFinder has at least six times the number of girls you will find anywhere else. That can only be seen as a good thing.

Check out the Adult Friend Finder website by clicking here.


  • Hookup With People For Sex
  • Easy to Cam and Earn Tips
  • Plenty Interactive Features
  • Clean Design Easy To Use Website


  • Potential Chatbots to Suck You In
  • Adverts by the Boatload
  • Everything Will Cost You Money
AdultFriendFinder Review - Adult Friend Finder Review - AdultFriendFinder.Com - Best Hookup Sites - Best Adult Hooku Websites

Check out the Adult Friend Finder website by clicking here.

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