Naughty Office – Payton Preslee

Naughty Office – Payton Preslee is the perfect scene if you love office girls or a secretary wearing nylon stockings. Produced by Naughty America, Naughty Office – Payton Preslee is a dream for lovers of a naughty secretary.

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Payton Preslee is having some neck issues so she makes a massage appointment, but her co-worker keeps bringing her more and more work. She’ll never make it to her appointment at this rate, but not to worry because her co-worker has magic fingers and can hook her up with a massage right there and then. Realistically though, her co-worker just wanted a chance to fondle Payton’s huge tits. He gets more than he bargains for when Payton gets into it and decides she wants to get dicked down on her desk.

Misha Cross has been taking all her co-worker’s clients away so he confronts her on it. Right before one of Misha’s meeting, her coworker shows up and finds out how she’s been getting all the clients. She uses her sex appeal and “assets” to get her way. But Misha needs him on her side and gives him a good ol’ naughty time right there in the office where she gives him a taste of what she likes to dish out.

Naughty Office is a brand created by Naughty America, the worlds best loved adult film studio. This brand features the hottest girls in the industry with one super hot and very sexy theme. That theme is hot office girls getting fucked as they show their legs and feet, wear high heels and stockings.

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Starring :- Payton Preslee

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