I Have A Wife – Quinn Waters

I Have A Wife – Quinn Waters is all about an irresistible blonde babe with big tits. Produced by Naughty America I Have A Wife – Quinn Waters is a smoking hot hardcore scene.

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Danny is at his home preparing his mid day jerk off because his wife doesn’t want sex anymore, but his wife thinks he is cheating on her so she sends her friend Quinn Waters to check up on him, and catches him masturbating, she immediately gets turned on but contains herself and confronts Danny if he is cheating and tells Quinn what is happening, she feels so bad that he is not having sex that she fucks him.

Imagine having a woman who will simply not take no for an answer. More importantly a woman so darn sexy it is impossible to resist her. That is exactly the theme with every scene from I Have A Wife. This is the latest brand from the worlds most loved adult film studio, Naughty America. As you would quite rightly expect with these scenes – Nobody does it better!

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Starring :- Quinn Waters

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